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HP Computer Repair Chatham


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HP Computer Repair Chatham

Professional HP Computer Repair Services Chatham

HP computer repair Chatham

HP laptops are designed for quality and performance, they can be prone to developing certain problems over time. Some HP users could find that their laptops develop cracked hinges, boot-up failures, motherboard issues, faulty keyboards, charger ports stopped working/charging, faulty battery/charger lead/plug or in need of screen replacements and dead backlights, these are just some of the common screen problems that HP users sometimes have to deal with. HP desktops are prone to certain problems as well – things like system freezes, error messages, and failure to start. At Smart Repair IT, we have the experience and knowledge to deal with all of these problems and more. We can tackle even the toughest hardware, software, and structural issues you might be having with your HP laptop or desktop.

HP Laptop/Computer Upgrades:

If your HP laptop computer is feeling a little sluggish/slow or your hard drive filling up fast – we can upgrade your HP laptop from a standard hard drive to a SSD drive and clone the existing hard drive to the SSD drive and turn the existing hard drive into a external hard drive so Windows boots up from the SSD drive instead to help it run faster and perform better.

HP Laptop Computer Set-up:

If you have just purchased your new HP laptop computer, we can help setup your new computer system, Connect and configure HP accessories – printer, scanner and external drives. We will install anti virus and anti-spyware software and verify internet connectivity.

Our repairs cover most models

Our HP laptop repairs cover most models such as Pavilion, Envy, EliteBook, ProBook and Compaq.


How We Work

Diagnose the fault

Check to see what the issue is.


Retrieve A Quote

We will send you a quote of the repair


Fast Fixing

We will then do the repairs



All done! We can deliver the computer back to you.


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